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Chill pill printed oversized t-shirt

Chill pill printed oversized t-shirt

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  • Unisex T-shirt
  • Super HD print
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Cotton Blend

“You need to stop stressing, buddy. Take a chill pill. I know that the world is running ahead of you but taking a small break won’t cause any harm”. Don’t you wish, you heard this everyday? Chillme is here to remind you to take a break from your stressed up life.

This oversized T-shirt is perfect for wearing at home and for a meetup with friends. It is easy to wear and comfortable to spend a whole day in. 100% cotton will save you from sweating and stickiness. So you don’t have to worry about playing outside on a Sunday afternoon. You will definitely feel the wind hit your body.

Pair it up with your favourite jeans and sneakers. Look cool even while taking a break from your life so that enemies don’t see the fear of life hidden in your face.


Fabric & Print

This T-shirt is made of 100% cotton Bio washed Fabric, Which is extremely comfortable to wear in all seasons. On top of all this, we have done Screen printing on it which makes this t-shirt even more durable & the Color of the Print Will never fade Just like our dreams.


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