Inspired by the latest trend, oversized t-shirt and hoodies are what is everyone's favourite. Looking for something cool, to slay the summer in fashion then tie dye oversize t-shirt is what you need.

Chillme is up for loose t-shirts for men and women. Oversize t-shirt is our specialty. We have a collection of oversize t-shirt, loose t-shirt for men and women, loose t-shirts for girls, hip hop t-shirt for men and what not.

Oversize t-shirt has always been our favourite for summers. Nowadays loose t-shirts has gained a lot of popularity. Not just that oversized t-shirts are also talk of the town. Tie dye t-shirt is one that is a common favourite of all.

Other than this, do you know that this style of loose and oversized t-shirt is very common in the hip hop world. The hip hop artists prefer to wear loose and baggy hip hop t-shirt to give a casual and street style look.

But many of us don’t know how to wear an oversize shirt. hence chillme is here at your rescue.

Different types of oversized t shirts you should know - 

  • Oversized t shirts can sometimes also look like the xxl hoodie or xxxl hoddies but the difference is the hood. If you want something that looks like a shirt and also a hoodie, you can go for the hoodie t shirt. 

  • Hoodies for women/hoodies for couples/hoodies for men/ hoodie shirt for men - A hoodie (sometimes spelled hoody) is a sweatshirt-styled garment. The term "hoodie" is an abbreviation for "hooded sweatshirt." With a few adjustments, this garment has most of the characteristics of a sweatshirt. The hoodie and sweatshirt have no collars, are large, and heavy. They are made of identical materials and are used for both athletic and informal wear. In addition to providing warmth and insulation, they are soft and pleasant.

  • Sweatshirts for men/ sweatshirt hooded/ sweatshirt men/ sweatshirt couple/ sweatshirt boys/ sweatshirt for women/ sweatshirt girl - Sweatshirts are long-sleeved, pullover garments. It covers the upper torso, including the chest and arms. It can be worn as a standalone item or with another, such as a shirt or T-shirt underneath the sweatshirt. A sweatshirt, as a pullover, lacks buttons, hooks, or zippers for connection. Sweatshirts are typically constructed of wool, cotton, jersey, synthetic materials, or a combination of these materials.

  • Hoodie jacket - A jacket looking hoodie mostly used for keeping oneself warm. We can see these in the places where temperature goes very low. The leather used is thick to keep you warm. 

    Did you Know?

    • In India Oversized T-shirt is also called as Hip Hop T-shirt / Drop Shoulder T-shirt / Baggy T-shirt

    • Oversized t-shirts are usualy seen in an Hip Hop underground Cypher.
    • Oversized T-shirt is the key merch in Streetwear fashion clothing in India

Made with 100% cotton, silicon washed, bio washed for maximum comfort, it is a completely handmade tie dye oversized t-shirt. It gives you an extreme feeling of comfort and softness. It feels like something so light that you feel like you are not wearing anything. This is a limited edition product. You can have a look at our other products available online.