Pot Head Full Sleeve Tshirt Black

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Full Sleeve


Check out our cool new Full Sleeve Printed Tshirt for Stoners who want to wear their heart for Weed on their sleeve. Designed for maximum comfort during your High Time, this casual Long sleeve Printed T-shirt is perfect for those who want to wear something cool. 

Made from organic fabric and bio-washed for long-life, this t-shirt will help you stand out from the crowd with ease. Perfect to show your love for Weed During your Underground Cyphers, this casual full sleeve Printed T-shirt comes in a long sleeve style for ease of high movement. 

A limited-edition design from Chillme Originals, this Printed full sleeve Tshirt comes is perfect for Marijuana and streetwear fashion lovers. Show your love for Pot with this cool graphic Full Sleeve Printed Tshirt! 

  • 100% Cotton

  • Bio-Washed

  • Hand Wash Only

  • Full sleeve Printed Tshirt

  • Long-sleeve Printed Tshirt for Men/women