7 different round neck t-shirts styles in India

7 different round neck t-shirts styles in India

T-shirts are the simplest yet the most important outfit in anyone's wardrobe.

If you look around on streets of the city in which you live, you would see people wearing different types of t-shirts, baggy, printed, bodyfit etc. slaying in whatever they are wearing. So what’s the secret? The comfortability that the t-shirts give us is the reason why it is always so much in demand. Other than the comfort, the huge variety in which the t-shirts are available, makes it one of those products that has a huge market. Be it anyone, men, women, and even children, what are the clothes that they are mostly seen in? A t-shirt paired with proper bottoms.

T- shirts, just the word fills us with comfort. T-shirts are the most basic set of outfits that you can see in anyones’ closet. It's easy accessibility and flexibility, according to its buyer, makes it the first choice of  many. But how does one buy a t-shirt, do they see through some aspects or they just go and buy it. Well, reason can be both, sometimes people just go and buy t-shirts because they want something comfortable but that's not just it, there are many other aspects that are seen through before buying a tee.

First things first, when you wear a t-shirts there are three Fs that you should look on to:

  1. i)   function
  2. ii)  fit

iii) fabric

If we talk about function, it's very important to know when and where you should wear a t-shirt. One should not try to challenge the dress code. It does not matter how good you look, how confident you are or how comfortable you feel, because every outfit has its own place and time. 

Fit is the most important aspect of style. When can we that a particular outfit suits us,

Firstly, it should suit our body type,

And secondly, it should be comfortable. 

Since t-shirts are available in such a huge variety, everyone can choose according to their body type. Also when it comes to comfort, t-shirts are the first thing that comes to our mind. So, both the above mentioned facilities are fulfilled by t-shirts, hence it becomes evident why t-shirts are the first choice of many.

Lastly the fabric, it is also very important to see the fabric of the t-shirt, because that is what determines the quality of the tee. You would definitely look amazing if the quality of your t-shirt is good. Quality of the fabric is what differs the same coloured t-shirts from each other.

Other than the Fs, there are three more aspects that we should consider before buying a t-shirts, they are:

  1. i)   neckline
  2. ii)  sleeves

iii) colour

Going first with the neckline, there is a huge variety of t-shirts that vary just on the basis of neckline. Classifying t-shirts on the basis of neckline, we find five basic types:

  1. i)     round neck t-shirts
  2. ii)    v neck t-shirts

iii)   y neck t-shirts

  1. iv)   polo or collared t-shirts
  2. v)    scoop t-shirts

Now moving on to sleeves, there are five basic sleeve types to choose from:

  1. i)     full sleeves
  2. ii)    quarter sleeves

iii)   half sleeves

  1. iv)   cap sleeves
  2. v)    sleeveless

Lastly the most important aspect on which we select any outfit, colour. Colour is so important because, that's what is visible, that's what we or any other person sees at our glance. It happens many times when we buy an outfit, it is just because we like its colour, that is how important colour is. 

Other than these, there is one more aspect that has come into the trend these days, the print of the t-shirts. Printed t-shirts are not new to us, but recently it has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters. The reason can be its vivid and vibrant colouring or another reason why printed t-shirts have gained its popularity can be because these t-shirts are available for getting customised. 

From all the above mentioned types of t-shirts the most basic is the round neck or many may call it crew neck t-shirt. It's basic because, if you like wearing t-shirts, you would have to have a round neck one, it’s that basic. So now you may be thinking that since it is so basic, how can it enhance our look or what are the ways we can style it so that it enhances our look. Don't worry we are at rescue. 

Here we will tell you about 7 different styles of round neck t-shirts that you can go for. How you can style them, and also where you can find them. Apart from selecting the t-shirts varying on the basis of different types of sleeves, you can also find a large variety of round neck t-shirts.  So let's go for it. 

Different styles of round neck t-shirts for every suitable occasion

Colours are one of the most important aspects on which any outfit is bought. As t-shirts are available in a large number of different colours, it becomes very easy for us to choose what suits us the most. Moreover solid coloured t-shirts give a more elegant look. 

  • Solid colours can be paired with anything printed, remember contrast is very important, plus, never pair solid coloured t-shirts with solid coloured bottoms.
  • Solid coloured tees are basically worn as casual wear. If you are going to college or you are out  just for a walk then solid coloured round neck t-shirts should be your choice.
  • Solid coloured tees are so flexible in nature that if you can turn it into formal wear by just putting on a formal blazer on it, and you are all good to go.

  • Drop shoulder round neck t-shirt

Starting with telling you what a drop neck tee is, it's the t-shirts whose shoulder edge hangs down to form the sleeves. This version of the round neck tee is super cool. It gives the funky street style look. 

  • The best pair to drop shoulder round neck t-shirt is always tight bottoms. As these are already baggy, you have to wear something skin fitting at the bottom to complement the tee. 
  • These tees can also be accessorised with light jewels which of course, should complement the tee. 
  • Drop shoulder round neck t-shirts are one of the best choices, when you look casual yet stylish.

  • Round neck tank top

         This is one of those summer wear t-shirts which is a good combination of comfort and 

         style. The baggy style and sleeveless nature of this t-shirt makes it an idea wear for                                     

         Many during summers.

                  -    Round neck tank top are usually paired with solid as well as multi-coloured          


                  -    These types of t-shirts are great choice for day wear. 

                  -    When it comes to a pool party or day out at the beach round neck tank tops are the best choice.

  • Round neck full sleeves t-shirt

These are said to be one of the alternatives for polo t-shirts. These give a very classy look. These come in both baggy as well as muscle fit, so choose according to your own body type. Full sleeve t-shirts are both day as well as night wear outfits.

  • Round neck full sleeves t-shirts look extremely good when worn with contrasted bottoms.
  • These t-shirts are so flexible in their use that they can be used as gym wear. And if these t-shirts are to be used as gym wear, always pair them with colour contrasted tights.
  • And if you think that round neck full sleeves t-shirts are only for gym wear then you are hardly mistaken, these t-shirts are good enough for both gym as well as an outfit to be worn when going out with friends.

  • Printed round neck t-shirt

As we all know that printed t-shirts have again gained popularity among youngsters nowadays, it's very important to address this too. As today's youngsters love options, printed t-shirts also come in different types, which makes it even more suitable for youngsters. Graphic print or dye print as some of the types of printed tees.

  • Printed t-shirts are usually paired with contrasted bottom wear.
  • If you are wearing a graphic tee, you can go for any solid colour pants that complements your t-shirt.
  • Printed t-shirts are generally worn as casual wear.
  • Printed t-shirts also look cool when worn at pool parties.

  • Round neck pocket t-shirts

Pockets are the most essential part of an outfit. It helps us keep mobile phones, cards, paper and other things. Many of us would have seen our fathers’ and grandfathers’ they used to keep pens in it too. So we can absolutely say that pockets in an outfit is not new to us. We have seen pockets in shirts but nowadays they are also being introduced in t-shirts too. Pockets in shirts give them a formal look, but when a t-shirt gets a pocket it makes the t-shirts even cooler.

 But do you know, the purpose of pockets are not just to let people keep things in them. Pockets can be a great place to advertise your product. If you are the owner of any t-shirt brand or you are just starting a small business, pockets of your t-shirts can give a place easy yet perfectly visible to advertise your product. Adding your logo or just the make of the brand will give enough advertising to your product. 

  • Pocket t-shirts are usually paired with denim bottoms. This outfit gives a cool yet a very classy look.
  • One thing you should always remember that if you are wearing a pocket t-shirt which has a logo on it, never add a  jacket on it. Because as said before the logo on the pocket advertises the product, so let people see it.

  • Baggy style round neck t-shirt

Baggy style round neck t-shirt, are those t-shirts which are extremely loose fitting which is the main reason why it gives the coolest look. Baggy t-shirts are casual wear for college as well as home wear. The reason why baggy t-shirts are so much popular is because they are extremely comfortable. Both men and women  can wear similar size t-shirts, they are so loose fittings.

  • Baggy t-shirts should always be paired with tight fitting bottoms.
  • Baggy style t-shirts are casual wear. 

     So, these are the round neck t-shirts you can go for in your day to day life and look the best in it.


We saw what a huge variety of round neck t-shirts are out there. Not just the one mentioned above there are also many more which you can try for yourself. But plain solid coloured t-shirt or a printed one, believe me you are going to slay in each of them. If you are a party animal, don’t worry round neck tees can also give you an awesome outfit when it comes to party wear. What you do have to keep in mind is that, pair them properly and carry them with confidence. But always remember to never challenge the dress code, as every outfit has its own place and time. Printed t-shirts have also marked their place in the fashion market. The variety that they provide makes them the priority of many buyers. Customers also like printed t-shirts because it also provides the option of customization, that is, you can add whatever image you want, or whatever text you want to be written on your t-shirts, it can be done. 

Now that you know what you have in option, classic solid or printed, full sleeves or sleeveless, etc, you can choose whatever you want. So, go out there and try every other possible t-shirt that you think suits your body type. Also if you are fond of streetwear style, then do visit our chillme site and give your wardrobe a funky makeover. Here at chillme we have a variety of streetwear outfits. Starting from round neck t-shirts, drop shoulder t-shirts and many more. Also we have a cool variety of masks that will help you cope with the pandemic in style.

Related questions:

  1. What are scoop neck t-shirts?

The t-shirts whose neckline drops prominently below normal lights are called scoop t-shirts.

  1.  What type of fabric is suitable for athletic wear?

Five top active wear fabrics are, natural fiber, bamboo, spandex,polyester, nylon. You can also try elastane, supplex, lycra too.

  1. What is the variety of printed t-shirts available? 

Customised t-shirts, text, graphics, graffiti, etc, are some of the types in which printed t-shirts are available.

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