Who is a Chillme?

Who is a Chillme?

Piyush Agarwal

Chill + Me = Chillme (noun) - someone who wants to achieve freedom of being through the power of self-expression. 

So, who is a Chillme?

Chillme is anyone who has a voice. 

Chillme is the force that rises from the underground, to create a unique sound. Unlike anything else that’s ever been done before, Chillme is the next round. 

A Chillme cares for the craft. Music, Dance, Art, Culture, Lifestyle. A Chillme believes in being the best. But most importantly, being honest to oneself first. 

So, who is a Chillme? 

A Chillme is you. A Chillme is me. A Chillme is in us.

There’s a Chillme in anyone who wants to express themselves with confidence and pride. For the lovers of hip-hop, streetwear, and urban fashion, there’s a Chillme inside them. 

We are Chillme - a bunch of passionate creators and lovers of music, fashion, and creativity. We created Chillme to share that love with other Chillmee’s around us. 

So, we started this brand to proliferate a mutual admiration of desi hip-hop, underground rap, and street culture in India. Through the medium of future-ready fashion, we’re going to give this movement a new direction.

And we hope to invigorate the hidden Chillme inside of us. 

So then, who is a Chillme? 

who is chillme

A Chillme is an attitude. It’s not just style, it’s substance. It’s not just cool, it’s conscious. 

A Chillme is someone who wants to make a difference, by making them heard. If they don’t express themselves, they won’t be at rest. They won’t be at ease. They won’t find peace. Because for a Chillme, life is a stage, and there’s only one shot to make a dent. 

We’re a community of hip-hop and streetwear lovers on a mission to empower individuality. 

Through the medium of fashion, we are channeling our passion to create India’s coolest community of hip-hop lovers, rappers, poets, streetwear lovers and fashionistas.

Or in simple words, we’re bringing together all the Chillmees from different walks of life together. 

We are inspired by such Chillmees. And we want to inspire them back with cool styles that are as unique as they are. We are a bunch of doers and dreamers, and so we want to help like-minded Chillmees express their art and their hearts with maximum style and comfort. 

Because Chillmees do not compromise. They conquer. 

India’s streetwear and urban fashion scene need fresh thinking. At Chillme, we’re bringing the change from the ground up. From fashion and lifestyle to community and events, our vision is beyond what has been done before us. 

We want to unite the Chillmees in one place, and this is where we belong. 

Because there’s a Chillme in all of us. It’s a beast, a force, a voice, a thought raring to be unleashed. 

The time is now - we’re inviting all the free souls, the rebels, the artists and the dreamers to the tribe. If you believe you’re a Chillme at heart, come join us on the adventure. 

We’d love to serve you, our fellow Chillme! 

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