10 Ways to slay an Oversized T-shirt

Oversized t-shirt for women

The fact that we love a fantastic bodycon dress or a pair of tight biking shorts doesn’t mean we don’t have a space in our closet for loose, airy pieces, too. 

Baggy-fit T-shirts on the other hand can be challenging to dress because of their loose design. There’s a big shift coming! With its many styling options, you can easily create a street-style-worthy look with this piece. These huge t-shirts may end up in your closet after all.

The enormous shirt has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that women began to wear it. It was a way to rebel against society’s ideal feminine appearance, which focused on a woman’s figure at the time. Fashion aficionados may now express themselves with big shirts that are comfortable and can be dressed in a variety of ways.

What is an oversized t-shirt?

T-shirts are probably recognizable to you. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wearing one right now. There are some changes taking place in the world of tees, though. We haven’t seen anything like it since the early ’90s, yet conventional cuts are expanding into bigger, boxier shapes.

A keen observer of fashion will have noticed that longline and oversized T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular. It’s important to know your fit and figure out which style is best for you before diving into this trend. Take a look at our #yourfit breakdown of the newest t-shirts we’ve added to the site, then go forth and swell your summer wardrobe!

TYPES of Oversized T-shirt

TYPES of Oversized T-shirt


Sleek and unstructured with no sleeves. This is a great wear to skate in. When it comes to active guys, this style should be worn even if they don’t have their own board. If you go sleeveless, don’t forget the deodorant.


It’s all about the length in this instance. As much as it may look like a dress, Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy shirts for Kanye West pushed longline into the public consciousness.


For layering, boxed cuts are better molded and organized than square cuts. Put on a shirt underneath to complete the look.


What a wonderful example of a timeless classic. So big and square is the real definition of an enormous t-shirt; it drapes freely over a pair of thin pants. In fact, the idea is to wear something that contrasts with what you’re wearing underneath to highlight the top’s size.


The relaxed fit has a lighter fabric and a simpler approach to oversizing. If you’re going to be sweating a lot in the summer, opt for a loose-fitting shirt instead of one that’s too baggy to breathe.


As a Dress

As a Dress

The no-pants look is by far one of the most popular ways for celebrities to wear an oversized shirt. Something about purposely neglecting to put on trousers says, “I’m rich enough to pull this off, and we both know it.”

To minimize wardrobe malfunctions, throw on a pair of cycling shorts or denim cutoffs underneath your pants-less outfit. Hailey Bieber is an excellent illustration of this style.

Knee-high boots and leather blazers are two of the most popular Fall/Winter 2021 trends. When coupled with gold jewelry, leather textiles lend a rich touch to an otherwise simple appearance.

We don’t always need to go full-on saggy. This particular design option is really comfortable and gives us the impression that we are wearing nothing at all. Calf-length socks and slip-on Vans will help you express your inner ’90s tomboy. This laid-back weekend look doesn’t get any cozier than this.

With Sweatpants

With Sweatpants

An oversized graphic tee and sweatpants are the unofficial official outfit of 2021. When you’re working at home or running errands and want to feel at least a little attractive, this outfit is ideal.

Coordinate your outerwear with the color scheme of your graphic t-shirt in the winter. Streetwear sneakers, gold hoops, and a baseball hat complete the ensemble.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist

An enormous t-shirt with a simple one-liner conveying that minimalist spirit, a pair of vintage-wash denim, traditional yet sturdy sneakers, and an eco-friendly shopping bag are the necessary components for infusing a minimalist subculture into the oversize t-shirt trend.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is the importance of minimalism. Many of us are finding that we can get by with just two pairs of jeans and a few tees. Incorporating a larger version into your minimalist design is exactly what your 2021 wardrobe requires.

When choosing your enormous minimalist t-shirt, go for elegant, calming neutral colors. Obviously, keep accessories and add-ons to a minimum.

Tucked into pants

Tucked into pants

Some pieces in your closet may be dressed up for work, while others are better suited to the weekend as a twenty-something. If you work in a business casual environment, you can wear an oversized t-shirt as long as the graphics, words, and logos are appropriate.

A graphic tee looks effortlessly elegant when paired with wide-leg high-waisted jeans. Heeled ankle boots ensure that your attractive look is 100% office-appropriate. To complete your work suit selfie in the bathroom-worthy look, add a bulky cardigan or boyfriend blazer.



This is the era of graphic t-shirts. Everyone from musicians to celebrities to everyday folks has been wearing graphic tees to express their appreciation for urban street style. There is a graphic t-shirt out there to suit every persona and style sensibility, thanks to the rising accessibility of graphic art and digital prints. 

You can pair up your graphic tees with a pair of sneakers and minimal thin jewelry if needed. If you are more into a hippie look or someone who likes hip-hop culture, wearing a bandana over your head would be a perfect ending for your style. 

With Shorts

T-shirts and shorts are a tried-and-true combination. They just seem to go together. This one is a casual classic that is effortless and the ideal option for 2021 lounging. You won’t have to hide your stomach or feel embarrassed. If you want to hide them under your shirt, you’ll be able to do that. You can also wear them with shorts. With big t-shirts, shorts always look attractive and offer you a funky style.

We can’t all have Kaia Gerber’s supermodel-length legs, but we can all borrow her model-off-duty style. Her ensembles from the 1990s had a laid-back, grunge vibe about them. Her t-shirts look like Kurt Cobain meets Parisian elegance when paired with combat boots and distressed jeans.

A warm blouse and knit shorts are ideal for a cold summer evening, while heels elevate the look. Despite the fact that many of us have few alternatives for getting out this summer due to the pandemic, this outfit might certainly work for a backyard barbeque — social distancing included.

Denim and cargo shorts, on the other hand, are the most ageless kind of shorts. They look great when coupled with graphic tees. For an out-and-about style, pair these with high-top sneakers and elegant sunglasses. If you do not feel uncomfortable opening up hair, then just let it flow, let it flow. Wearing denim jeans can give you a high-volume look. This style is excellent for any little gatherings or events that you may be attending.

With a Mini Skirt 

With a Mini Skirt

A number of internet sensations started the trend of wearing large t-shirts and tiny skirts, and it’s now becoming more mainstream.

Tuck your oversized shirt into a flirty miniskirt for a simple summer look. The internet’s love with Serena Williams has contributed to the schoolgirl-inspired tennis skirt becoming one of the most popular skirt styles.

However, if not worn in the proper colors and with the right separates, any mini-skirt outfit can look outmoded and tawdry. Wear a black little skirt with a simple, relaxed, and completely neutral large tee. With their attraction, each of these separates is guaranteed to balance out the other. The t-extreme shirt’s casualness will help the mini-skirt appear just the right amount of low-key glam.

Keep your accessories to a minimum. Wear your Nike Air Forces or, if you want to relive your childhood memories, go for a pair of socks and sneakers like Zoe Kravitz. If you have a minimalist aesthetic, then your hoops and get ready to show the world your fashion.

Over Boyfriend Jeans

Over Boyfriend Jeans

The classic combination of jeans and a tee is a tried and true way to spruce up any oversized tee in your closet. The blank canvas is ideal for displaying your favorite statement footwear and accessories.

Why not try it for a change? Let’s wear heels instead of sneakers today. It is a new and appealing style. Choose your favorite pair of jeans to go with your large t-shirt and get ready to be funky.

Under a Blazer or jacket

Under a Blazer or jacket

Blazers over an oversized tee are ideal for a relaxed Monday morning at work. Wear matching sneakers and minimal jewelry to avoid looking like you’ve been hungover since last night.

Let’s be honest. Denim jackets go with almost anything, so it’s no surprise that they’re ideal for slipping on over your favorite tee. The eccentric design and clean white sneakers serve to pull everything together. Even if you are wearing denim jeans, jewelry won’t make it look out of style. Minimal accessories like rings and chains are a nice addition. 


  1. Chokers are perfect if you are wearing an oversized t-shirt as a dress. 
  2. Midi rings will fit right about the lower knuckle of your finger.
  3. If you are too confused with the type of footwear to go with, always go for sneakers. They will match with any style of oversized t-shirt. 
  4. Bandana is a perfect addition to your oversized t-shirt. It will make you look hippie for sure. 
  5. Double layered chains. It has been a craze this year. So why not try it on the oversized t-shirt. 
  6. A handbag or a small purse will be an extra addition to your fantastic look. 
  7. If you want to wear an oversized t-shirt dress then try adding a best to it. 
  8. A single layer bracelet has been seen a lot on males. 
  9. Sunglasses are perfect. Do I even have to mention how cool you can look wearing sunglasses with an oversized t-shirt? It will be a perfect elevation. 
  10. Have you ever tried corsets on your oversized t-shirt dress? You should definitely give it a try. 


Oversized t-shirts are everyone’s go-to. This is the one garment that appeals to people of all ages, genders, stylistic preferences, and sizes. We hope you enjoy our online store’s recommendations and do your hardest to make these fantastic style ideas your own!

Chillme has the best collection of graphic oversized t-shirts for all sizes. You won’t believe how unique the designs are. If you are in love with hip-hop culture and urban street style, then Chillme is the right place to add spice to your plain oversized t-shirt

With summer in full swing, it’s time to be creative when it comes to pulling together the ideal baggy suit. Everything goes nicely with an oversized t-shirt, from mixing patterns to dressing up sweatshirts with heels to teaming western boots with menswear-inspired button-downs.


What is an oversized T-shirt?

True oversized tees are so big and square that they slip carelessly over a pair of slim pants. In fact, the idea is to contrast what you’re wearing down below to highlight the top’s size.

What pants go with an oversized shirt?

Denim jeans are just too perfect for any oversized t-shirts.

How do you wear an oversized button up shirt?

Wear It With a Midi Skirt and Loafers or Tucked Into High-Waisted Pants.

Do baggy shirts make you look fat?

It’s as simple as that: baggy clothes make anyone over a size 10 appear larger. In order to streamline, it’s important to draw a neat line around the body. Due to the fact that a loose silhouette does not disclose where your cloth ends and your body begins, you appear as large as the extra-large dress that you are wearing.

Can plus size girls wear oversized shirts?

Embrace the power of the large shirt with ease and comfort. A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe! A monotone aesthetic is another way to style an oversized shirt. Combined, these products make a really sleek and sophisticated aesthetic for your home or office.

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