What type of music do you like to listen to? 

To this there would be a variety of answers, classical, bollywood, folk, qawwali, punjabi music, light music and much more.

These all are individual favourites, but one music type that all the youths are showing love and interest in is hip hop music. 

As hip hop and rapping striked the world, India was not far behind. It gave birth to multiple rappers in India and since then, they are using rapping as a way to express their ideologies and emotions.

Undoubtedly the rap music industry has evolved as a strong and impactful industry. In India many new and strong rappers have emerged. 

Little did we know that there are many genres of rap music. The mumble rap, rap metal, lyrical rap, desi hip hop are some of those who have gained a lot of popularity.

Indian tv shows and bollywood is also making movies and tv shows promoting this type of music. Tv show like, MV Hustle and movies like Gully Boy are one of those examples.

Many people think that rap is all about loud music and lyrics that don’t make sense. But a less known fact is that rap is just a beautiful combination of instances and emotions of the rappers themselves. Rap brings out emotions, struggles and events of the rappers’ life.

Rap is a kind of music that fills the gaps or you can say joins poetry, emotions and music. Rappers make music videos and write long poetry. They also produce music videos for us. Other than these there are also labels of many rappers in India too. 

There are many top rapper of India that have commercialized and made a place for the rap music industry in India. The quality that differentiates rap from other music types is that it’s extremely fast and it’s a musical flow of the thoughts of the rapper. Many of the times rappers also compose music focussing on the problems and issues of the society.

You see today there are a number of rappers that have emerged as a sensation in the music industry. The music and rap of Indian rappers are trending on youtube too, many of the times. So to acknowledge and appreciate the rapper of India, here’s a list of top 10 Indian rappers 2021.

Just to be clear it’s not a rating list, it’s just a list of the best rapper from India. Because every rapper is unique in their own way. All are one of a kind.



Vivian Fernandes goes by the rapper name Divine, famous as Gully Gang Boi, who is one of the best rapper of the world, and comes from Mumbai. He is at present the most sensational names from India in the hip hop music industry.Divine started his career as an underground rapper in 2011. His track “yeh mera Bombay”  won the best music video award in 2014. He has also won the Best EDM track of the Year in the GIMA Awards in 2015.

He is known for many of his works like, “Mere Gully Me”, “Bass Rani”, “Mitra Da Swag” and many more. His first debut album was “Jungli Sher”, which was a phenomenal hit. The movie “GULLY BOY” is inspired from his life and his relationship with Naezy.

 Divine expresses the darkest phase of his life as the time when he was associated with selling drugs. He is the child of a mother working abroad and a drunkard father. The life story of Divine is no different from any other rapper today.

There are many quotes by rapper that the youth follow today. One of the rapper hindi song goes like this:

“Achhi vidya chahiye aacha khasa maal dena

Nall mein paani chahiye khade rehle line mein na

Zameen apni par note dikha kar sign lena

Drugs laaye ye phir dhakel denge crime mein na

Akela insaan phir gaadi teri chaar kyun?

Ghar mein hai chaar phir rooms tere 8 kyun?

Paison se nahin bante kudrat se hum khaas kyun?

Teri pidhi ka soch wo kaise lenge saans kyun?

(Kya Shoo) Ek tarfa tarazu.”



Rapper Raftaar is one of the best and skilled rapper of India. He is one of those rappers who is widely known in the mainstream music as well as underground scene. He is so versatile that he has done all kinds of music, starting from commercial dance songs to adult songs.

Little known facts about him is that his parents were the ones who were the initiator of his hustle journey. They used to listen to Micheal Jackson when he was a child. He used to sell MP3 songs back in childhood in his school. He is the rapper who started his journey as a dancer, yes!  He used to tutor students, gave them dance lessons.

Dilin Nair, commonly known as the rapper name Raftar is from kerala. He started his music career with the band RDB. He got the award for The Best Urban Song at Brit Asia Awards 2016, for his song “ swag Mera Desi”. He was also a part of many bollywood hits.

One of the best quotes by rapper Raftaar is:

“I am my own parent when it comes to rapping and doing impromptu stuff. Being a rapper, you have to be good at improvising, like you give me a word and I have to rhyme it quickly and then make sense out of the rhyme”.

Currently he is being seen in shows like Roadies and MTV Hustle. He has a team in Roadies and he is one of the judges in MTV Hustle.  There are many hindi rapper video too.

Some of his songs are “Black Sheep”, “Beshaq”, “All Black” and so much more.



Neazy the Baa, is one of the famous rapper of India and an Indian hip-hop music producers.  Little to our knowledge is that he is the rapper who started his hustle when he was back in college, where he first recorded his song on one of his friends’ phones.

Murad the character in the movie gully boy is mostly inspired by Navad Shaikh a.k.a Naezy.

This Mumbai based rapper, writes and sings his songs mostly in Hindi and Marathi. In January 2014 he sang his debut single “Aafat”. His song with divine which is “Mere Gully Me” was a big and sensational hit for both the rappers. 

The quotes by rapper has given the youths a new view.One of the rapper hindi song is: 

Yeh gaana mere bhantailog k liye

Mere Bhantailog jo mehnat karre udhar

Fukatgiri nahi karre unke liye

Mere bhantai jo zinda hai

Jo bekasur hai

mere bhantailog jo chal diye

Unlog k liye hai


Some of the well known songs of Naezy are “Mere Gully Me”, “Afat Wapas”, “Mere Bhantai” and many more. There are many hindi rapper video too.



Bilal Sheikh popularly known as Emiway Bantai, is one of the biggest independent rap artists of India. The Machayenge guy, started his rap hustle back in 2013, when he left school after completing 12th.

His debut track was “Glint Lock” in 2013. It was in 2014, his track “Aur Bantai” which gave him fame. He became a viral sensation after the release of his diss track “ Samajh Me Aaya Kya”, which was a diss for rapper Raftaar.

Today his youtube channel has 15.7 million subscribers, which makes him an independent famous rap artist from India. 

The quotes by rapper Emiway has formed a new set of ideologies for the youths.One of the  rapper caption is:

“Zindagi picture hai, Phool aur kaante hain, Khilata koi nahi hai, Sab apne naseeb ka khaate hain“

Emiway Bantai

Some of rapper Emiway’s viral tracks are “Machayenge”, “Malum Hai Na”, “My Time” and so on.



This Delhi based rap artist Ankit Singh Patyal, who goes by the rapper name Ikka was born in Himachal Pradesh, India. His quality of story telling rap music is what differentiates him from others. He has collaborated with Amit Bhadana, famous Indian youtuber.

In 2014, he made his debut music “ Gadbad-Gadbad”. He has also worked with many famous rappers of the country, like Honey Singh, Rftaar and Lil Golu.

When he left the group, “Mafia Mundeer”, he went low key for some time. Then with a blast he launched the track “Half-Window Down” which got insanely viral. He is one of the biggest fans of Honey Singh and Bohemia.

Some of the rapper hindi songs are, “Paani Wala Dance”, “Bholynath”, “Level Up” and so much more.



Altaf Raja, commonly known as the rapper name MC Stan, is a Pune based rapper. His genre of rapping was mostly not understood by many, but when his track “Wata” got 15 million views on youtube, he  got what he wanted.

He has 17 videos on his youtube channel and 1.28 million subscribers as of today. And his popularity is increasing each day. He gained 53,840,300 plus views when he just had 6 videos on his youtube channel.

Some of the rapper hindi songs are, “ Kahan par hai ”, “Ek din Pyaar ”, “307” and so on.


seedhai maut

Seedhe maut is one of the best in the field right now. They got fame from their debut track “Bayaan”, which they made in collaboration with Sez On The Beat.

They are mostly famous for their ability to deliver sharp, combative and witty rhymes. They say they represent the next stage in the evolution of Indian hip hop.

Some of the rapper hindi songs  are, “Kyu”, “101”, “Namastute” and many more.



  This Delhi born and brought artist is acknowledged as one the best underground MCs of the country. His songs are mostly concerned about the unemployment and influx of drugs in the community.

Over the past two years, Prabh Deep has quickly made his name in India’s independent music industry – performing at festivals such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Hip-Hop Homeland, ADE Mumbai and Crossblade alongside artists such as DJ Premier, Akala, Nucleya and to name a few.

The rapper said about how he got into rapping:

“I was trying to make it as a producer first, but the two people who got me rapping were ZaN Twoshadez, who is a half Punjabi-half Sudanese rapper; and Jaspal Singh, an NRI who was in Delhi to research for his PhD on Delhi’s hip-hop culture,” 

There are many inspirational quotes by rapper also. Some of his well known tracks are, “Maya Prabh Deep”. “Kala Prabh Deep”, “Khat Prabh Deep” and much more.



Svetha Yallapragada Rao who is known as the rapper name Raja Kumari, is an Indain-American rapper, songwriter and singer from Claremont, California.She is also notable for receiving as a songwriter, the BMI Pop Awards in 2016, and featuring on BBC Asian Network programme Bobby Friction on July 5, 2016.

Her parents played an important role in developing her Indian character and trained her to become an Indian classical dancer who started performing at the age of 5. In an interview with Rolling Stones, Raja Kumari said that she found it tough and lonely as a South Indian girl growing up in Los Angeles.

She is one the brightest female rappers from India. She has worked with many famous Indian rappers, Divine, Sidhu Moose Wala, Deep Jandu, etc. She has also worked with other artists like Fifth Harmony,Fall Out Boy, etc. currently she is seen in the TV reality music show, MTV Hustle.

Raja Kumari rapper song goes like this:

“Careful what you say

Karma like a bitch

Shots back at you

Like a rubberband”

Some of the songs that is sung by the rapper in hindi are, “N.R.I.”, “Meera”, “Karma” and so much more.



Roger David, better known by his stage name Bohemia, is a Pakistani American rapper and record producer. Bohemia was born on October 15, 1979, in Karachi, Sindh and did his schooling in Peshawar, Pakistan. At the age of 13, he moved to the United States with his family. Bohemia is married to Sunny David.

In 2002, Bohemia sang his debut song “ Vich Pardesa de”. This debut song gave him huge popularity. This debut song of his was in the top 10 BBC Radio 1 UK.

Bohemia is one of the best rapper of the world and also the best-selling artists of the year, making him the flagship artist of Universal Music Group India.

Few of his famous tracks are, “Ek Tera Pyar”, “Da Rap Star”, and so much more. 

So, this is a list of top 10 rapper from India. This list is made to identify and appreciate their work as rappers. Hope that you have this blog helpful.


You remember when Honey Singh first got his popularity, the youth went crazy for his tracks, this is what happens when something new comes into the market, and this rap and hip hop music is the revolution in the music industry. Rap has come from a long way, and also has a long way to go.

Rap has given the youth a platform, a stage to express their thoughts and emotion by their sense of music. It has connected the youths in a single string and the rappers are the ones making it possible.

But being a rapper is not always easy. You have to face a lot of difficulty, and many are serious ones. There are many times when rapper news goes that a rapper gets shot. They lose everything. So it’s important for us to identify and appreciate their works.

As rap in India is trying to make a revolution in the music industry, similarly chillme is trying to create a revolution in the fashion industry. So if you are one of those who likes changes and opts for the funky and hip hop look every time, then do have a look at our collection of tees and merchandise at chillme.


What rapper Krisna was previously known as?

Previously he called himself  Prozpekt.

Who emerged as a big rapper in 2020?

Emiway Bantai, emerged as one of the biggest rappers of India in 2020.

Who is the fastest rapper of India?

KIDSHOT, he has a speed of 335 words per minute.

Who is the youngest rapper in the world?

 Isaiah Smith, professionally known as ZaeZaeCookItUp, has emerged as the youngest rapper in 2020.

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