Best 90's bollywood movie

Best 90s Bollywood Movie you Should Watch

Are you running out of nice content to binge-watch while you’re are at Home? We’ve been cooped up inside for months. Everything on our must-see list has been watched. We’ve…

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10 thriller Bollywood movies of all time

10 Thriller Bollywood Movies you should Watch

You’ve probably reached the end of our list of the finest Bollywood comedy films. Now it’s time to spoil yourself with these incredible suspense thrillers, which will have you on…

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bollywood comedy movies

10 Best Bollywood Comedy Movies you Shouldn’t miss (UPDATED)

Comedy is a communal hug – a “jaadu ki jhappi,” as Raju Hirani’s Munnabhai would say – that Bollywood has produced in the best and worst of times. When Hindi…

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