10 best casual summer outfits for men

10 best casual summer outfits for men

Hey! Summers here and we see people go crazy asking themselves what to wear and what not to. Many think that summers are the time when fashion is at its lowest, because of all that heat and sweat. But, little do they know that it’s time to flaunt all the happy and cool summer outfits. It’s time to say “see you later” to the winter closet for at least four months. 

Summers are not a favorite season of much but many like it because it gives them the freedom to wear all the happy summer colors. Be it blue, white, or pink, it’s this summer season when you can wear all the colors and shades. 

What is the first thought that comes into your mind when someone says summer, sun, obviously, but there are many things that make summer a wonderful season, one of them is the breeziness of the different types of clothes that the season allows you to wear. The variety in fabric that you can go for and the opportunity of having a rainbow in your closet.

There is nothing like, this is in fashion or that, when it comes to summer, whatever you are comfortable in, is your fashion. And when we say comfort, casuals are what we want to go for.

We all know casual outfits for women, for summer there is a huge variety, but did you know that there is also a huge list of casuals that men can go for in summers. So for all the men, who are looking for a guide to have the best summer casuals in their wardrobe, then your search ends here.

Summer and fashion don’t always go hand in hand when we talk about men’s clothing. Men find styling easy when the temperature drops. But summer is also the time when they can show off their collection of styles. 

Gone are the days when there were only a few outfits for men to go for. Now men are experimenting with their fashion and styling senses and we are here for your help.

If you are a guy looking for easy and stylish summer outfits then here is a  guide for you: the best 10 summer casual outfits for all the men out there.

So let’s get started.

Light solid colored t-shirts for men

Light solid coloured t-shirts

Starting off with the most basic choice in casual outfits, the t-shirts. Thinking of comforts, imagining yourself in t-shirts, this is the extent to which t-shirts and comfort are connected.

Summer is already a bright season, so to complement it correctly it’s very important to have the right colours to wear. As we are going for t-shirts, light solid colours are a good to go choice.

Going first with the  lightest colour, white. White t-shirts are the best ones to go for day outs in summers. Solid white is the only colour that never goes out of fashion, it’s light and also helps you to form a good impression.

If you want to go for sun kissed outfits, yellow is your colour. Solid yellow coloured t-shirts are the one of the happy colours of summer. It’s bright and perfect for summertime wear. 

Other than these two, other summer perfect solid colours for summer wear can be blue. Blue is the best colour when going for outfits for the beach, and summer is the season for the beaches.not just beaches blue is perfect for windy summer days.

Cotton shirts for men

Cotton shirts

This breezy and comfortable outfit is ofcourse a summer perfect wear. This outfit sheds a major summer vibe. If we talk about the summer staple of men , cotton shirts are at the top of the list. It’s comfortable and clean, which makes it one of the major outfit choices for summers. 

As summer is sweaty, cotton shirts which are airy and dry super quickly, hence always a good choice. But if you are thinking of going for solid colours on shirts, then here’s a styling tip for you.Instead of asking for solid colours, go for printed and bold colours. 

Printed shirts are the easiest and the most comfortable outfit to go for if you are going for a summer day out. 

Polo t-shirts for men

Polo t-shirts

People say polo t-shirts are mostly for all that athletic wear, yes it’s true, but do you know, polo tees can be a very nice and classic outfit for summers. Polo tees are the best outfit that gives you both a casual as well as preppy look.

But if you are thinking that solid coloured tees are what you should go for, then you should stop and upgrade your solid coloured polo tees to a printed and graphic printed one. Graphic tees will give a funky and stylish look. Polo tees also give us a casual and stylish look both at the same time.

Vests for Men


Vests are the type of clothes which are generally not thought of as a full outfit type. They are generally considered as one of the side wears. But as to your surprise vests are also a full outfit type cloth.

Talking about summer, the less the clothes, the more comfortable you feel. Because as there is an increase in temperature, more clothes feel uncomfortable. So, in this situation vests are the best option to have or go for. It’s sporty and extremely sexy and in a vest you don’t have to worry about sweating.

A bit of style tip, go for a hat while wearing a vest. Also if you want to keep it classy, go for a grey coloured vest or if you want to keep it trendy then for colourd or graphic printed vests.

Linen shirts for Men

Linen shirts

After cotton linen is the top choice for fabrice to be worn in summers and linen is the best summer accessory for men during summers. Lenin is one the most popular fabrics, because it’s sper airy, comfortable, light and breathable.

The capability of linen to absorb quickly and dry in a flash makes it the perfect choice for summers. If you think that lenin is something that will not give the fashionable look, then i must tell you, lenin can never go wrong. Wear it with confidence and carry comfort.

Much talked about shirts and tees, now let’s talk a bit about bottom wear. Because it’s summer and comfortable bottom wear is really important for all of us. When we talk about bottom wear for men, we see jeans or trousers, it’s not it, we only see two colours, black and blue. This shows that we pay very less attention to the bottom wear of men.

But now the time has changed, men too need fashionable bottom wear.  Good quality. Breathable and stylish clothes are what is needed in summers.

So here’s the top bottom wear to update and upgrade your closet.

Shorts for Mens


Yes, you read it correctly, shorts are the funkiest and the trendiest outfit for men’s summer fashion wear. They are not just comfortable, when paired with right t-shirts and shirts, they give a super stylish look. We know that there is nothing more comfortable than a good pair of shorts.

But there is a huge range of different types of shorts to select from. Don’t worry, we have got your back. Be it chino shorts, classic denim shorts, or cargo shorts, all of them are summer-friendly, and give you a nice casual and stylish look.

Chino shorts

This staple and classically casual wear, which is every mens’ to go item. These are classy and give you a nice and decent look for your summer day outs. Pair it with printed or solid colored t-shirts and you are all good to go. Chino plants are extremely comfortable and look good on everyone.

Chino shorts give you a casual, formal and semi formal look all in just one item.

Denim shorts

Classic and funky, the words that explain denim shorts. Day outs for malls, parks or pools, denim shorts is the item that you can go for. It is both comfortable and stylish. When paired with proper t-shirts or shirts, denim shorts have a lot of options to offer. When picking a denim short, keep it simple and classic.

Cargo shorts

If you are someone who buys clothes on the basis of their utility, then cargo pants are for you. Shorts with loose pockets, when all of a sudden, increased its utility, cargo shorts are classy yet casual summer wear.  

These pants are extremely comfortable and airy, which makes it one of the best choices for summer wear. 

Since we talked about shorts, let’s have a look at the variety of pants that men can go for in summers. Pants can also be extremely comfortable as shorts, if you have the correct one with you. 

Pants for Men’s


Pants are formal and give you a preppy look. But did you know that they can also be worn as casuals? With proper pairing, pants can also be a good casual summer outfit.

Like shorts there is also a wide range of pants to select from. Be it chino pants, linen pants or joggers all are suitable for summer wear. 

Chino pants

This item is the most essential thing in any mens’ closet. These provide comfort as well as style at the same time. Pair these with perfectly contrasted t-shirts and you are all set to roll.

If you are thinking about what colour to go for, then some basic colours that you should have are, black, grey and white. Others you can buy on the basis of the colour of your t-shirt.

Linen pants

Comfortable, airy and stylish explains what a linen pant is. You can go for a pure linen or if you want you can go for a cotton blend linen pant. Pair it with t-shirts or shirts, this pair of pants will never disappoint you.

If you choose comfort and style at the same time, then these pants are for you.


This item is one of the favourites of all. Comfortable and stylish, a jogger is everybodies to go outfit. Be it gym or park you can put on your joggers and move along. Joggers can be your best friend, if you love comfy clothes. 

Pair them with baggy t-shirts and you are ready to slay in comfort.

Joggers are also best known as gym wear. Pair a jogger with a polo tee and hit the gym in style. 

Shoes for Men


 A look is never complete without proper shoes. So to help you with that, here is a set of options that you can go for. 


This is the most casual and comfortable item anyone can ask for. Slippers are the best companion for any day, be it any day out. Mall, pool, beaches, all places are slipper friendly.

When you are buying slippers go  for funky and bold colours..


Sneakers are a fuse of comfort and style. They give a really cool look and can go with almost every other outfit. They are for both on and off the running track.

When paired with perfectly contrasted outfits, sneakers never fail to give classy as well as cool looks.


If you are looking for comfort in shoes then loafers are what you should get. These extremely comfortable, soft- soled shoes are a perfect summer wear. 

Loafers come in a huge variety of colours, shades and textures, so choose what you like.

Headgears for Men


Summers are all about heat and sun, so it’s very important to protect yourself from the sun and saty in style at the same time. So these are a few types of headgears that you can go for.


One of the most obvious items for summer wear is the caps. Staple and stylish. Simple headgear that goes with every outfit.

General yet extremely stylish, hats are your summer go- to item.


Classic yet very stylish, hats are a wonderful addition to your summer collection. If you want all the attention around you, go for a fedora hat.



Aviator sunglasses

An ultimate style statement for me, the aviator sunglasses are every mens’ favourite. This is an evergreen eyewear style. 

It also comes in different shades which makes it the favourite choice of many.

Round shaped sunglasses

Best eyewear for beaches and pool parties, these round shaped sunglasses can be your best friend this summer.

If you have got a wide forehead, full cheeks, a rounded chin, and a short face, these are the sunglasses you can buy.

So, these were the 10 best casual summer outfits for men. We hope that we proved ourselves helpful to you, now go find yourself the best summer outfit and slay the summer in fashion.

Give this article a good read and get acquainted with the fabulous mens’ casual summer outfit. 


We saw what a huge variety of casual clothing there is for mens’ summer fashion. Not only the one mentioned above, but there are a whole lot of outfits men can choose from. Be it just a plain t-shirt and a jogger, if you are comfortable then that’s your happy summer outfit. 

Now that you know what a huge variety of options you have, you can choose whatever you want. So, go and try all the possible outfit combinations that you think suits your body and slay the slay the summer

And if you are more into casuals than formals, then do check our latest collection of tees on chillme.

What fabrics are Best for summers?

Cotton and linen are the two main fabrics you should wear in summers. Other than these you can go for silk and viscose.

Is denim shorts comfortable?

Denims are comfortable enough if you feel comfortable in them. Denim shorts are a choice for summer outfits because they give more comfort than denim jeans.

How to accessorize simple joggers for simple day-outs?

Joggers are a happy outfit for many, so pair them with any coloured loose fitting tees and wear loafers to complete your look. 

What types of sunglasses are best for beachwear?

Round sunglasses are the best pair to go for, when going on beaches or pool parties.

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