7 different styles of T-shirts you can buy

7 different styles of T-shirts you can buy

When you open your closet, what are the basic clothes that you see, shirts, jeans, formals, etc., for women, we can add few more clothes like, Kurtis, dresses, jumpsuits, etc., but the basic common cloth that we all will find in our closet is the t-shirts? Be it, men or women, when it comes to comfort, we find ourselves in t-shirts. The basic reason that t-shirts are always our go-to choice, is that it is easily accessible, affordable and flexible with respect to its buyers. But as simple, this outfit seems to be, sometimes it is the most difficult one to carry.

Don’t worry! we got your back, here is an ideal blueprint to enhance your t-shirts’ collection. Here we will tell you about what type of t-shirts you can buy and also where to find them. Before we start, I must tell you that the t-shirts have come a long way. The t-shirts that we wear today is not the same as before. Also, earlier we didn’t use to get such a huge variety of and options in t-shirts.

Since every individual is different from each others, it is obvious that their choices would be different too. But how does one choose what to buy and what not? The colour, fabric, or level of comfortability that the outfit will provide them are the basic parameters. Similarly, when we talk about t-shirts there are some aspect we look at before selecting one or we can say that, these are the basis on which the t-shirts differ from each other –

–          Fabric

–          Style

–          Fit

–          Colour(of course)

Fabric is an important aspect to look at before buying a t-shirt because, comfort is what t-shirts represent, so if one is not comfortable using it, what’s the use. Moreover, there are people who are sometimes allergic to a particular type of fabric. Hence, it is very important to buy outfits (not just t-shirts) of a fabric that suits your body type.

Style is also a very important aspect because there are a whole lot of styles of t-shirts to choose from. What looks good on you is your choice to make. And you can be sure that there is a lot to choose from. So don’t worry!

The fit of the t-shirt is very important because that, as I said comfort is what we search in tees. So, if it is not nicely fitted then you would be uncomfortable the whole time you are wearing it. Also if it fits well, you would look good.

Lastly, the most and obvious exposure is the colour of the t-shirt. We buy tees mostly when we like their colour, that’s because colour is what we and others see. For girls, colour is the most important factor because it helps them to twin it with their best friends, of course! Hence colour is a very important feature before choosing any t-shirt.

If we talk about fabric, we all know there are different types of fabrics to choose from. Lenin, cotton, polyester, etc. But do you know when it comes to style there are two major basis that differs t-shirt from each other, namely:

i)                   Neckline

Talking about the neckline we have:

a)      Round neck t-shirts

b)      V neck t-shirts

c)       Y neck t-shirts

d)      Polo t-shirts(one with the collar)

e)      Scoop neck (t-shirts having neck hanging a few inches below the collarbone)

ii)                Sleeves

And when it comes to sleeves, we have:

a)      Raglan or full sleeves t-shirts

b)      Quarter sleeves t-shirts

c)       Cap sleeves t-shirts

d)      Sleeveless t-shirts

Moreover, on the basis of fit, there are three types of t-shirts:

I)                    Slim fit t-shirts

II)                  Baggy fit t-shirts

III)                Muscle fit t-shirts

So, now that we have seen what a huge variety of t-shirts are out there, let me show you what are the ones’ must-haves. Here are the 7 different t-shirt styles that both men & women can buy.

round neck t-shirts

1.  PLAIN ROUND NECK T-shirts:

These types of t-shirts are likely to be found in the closet of everyone. If you like wearing t-shirts, a round neck is a must-have. As the name suggests, the neckline of these t-shirts i.e., round, which means no collar, is what differs it from other tees. Moreover, these tees are also known as crew-neck t-shirts.  This comes in all forms, be it slim or baggy. Plain round neck tees can also be full sleeves or half sleeves. So, choose what suits you. Moreover, you can pair them with anything, men can pair them with loose trousers, pants and even with shorts too. Girls can pair them with, leggings, trousers

drop shoulder t-shirts

2.  DROP SHOULDER t-shirts:

Many of us don’t even know how does a drop shoulder t-shirt differ from a normal round neck t-shirt. When we talk about drop shoulder tees, we are simply referring to the t-shirts in which the seam line hangs down from the shoulder to form sleeves. In simple words when the shoulder edge of the t-shirts drops to form its sleeves then it is called drop shoulder t-shirts. These types of t-shirts, basically come in a baggy style, to give you that funky hip-hop look.

drop cut t-shirts

3.  DROP CUT t-shirts:

Also called a curved hem, rounded hem or shirt-tail hem, a drop-cut tee is a tee whose hem is higher on the sides than at the front and back. A drop-cut t-shirt is to be worn untucked, as it gives your outfit a structure and breaks the straight horizontal line a straight hem tee creates. These t-shirts give you a funky hip-hop look, which for sure makes you an eye-catcher.

v neck t-shirts

4.  V-NECK t-shirt:

 These t-shirts are similar to those of round neck, their neckline in round in shape whereas the neckline of v neck tees is v in shape, which gives a stunning look if you have broad shoulders. Women use these t-shirts too when they want to have a cool yet elegant appearance.

full sleeves t-shirts

5.  LONG SLEEVES t-shirt:

Long sleeves t-shirts are those in which the sleeves extend from shoulder to wrist. These give a funky look to you. These come in both full fit and baggy style, so you can choose what suits you best. We all know these also give full sleeves protection from the sun too, which makes it a must-have product for many. These t-shirts are also known as raglan tees.

tie die T-shirts

6.  TIE DYE t-shirt:

Tie-dye has been around for a very long time, but in 2020, it became trending again. It might be because everybody was at home during the Corona crisis and was looking for something to do, or just another reason. So, tie-dye is again in fashion and recently is being loved by many. These kinds of t-shirts basically come in vivid and vibrant colors, but soft and pastel colors to make good combinations for tie dye t-shirts.

polo t-shirts

7.  COLLARED OR POLO t-shirts:

All the other above mention t-shirts do not come with collars, but polo t-shirts are the one you can go for when want have a formal yet cool look. Polo t-shirts can be with or without buttons, so choose what you like. Polo tees are also a good choice when it comes to workout. It’s good athletic wear. One can pair them with simple track pants.

PRINTED t-shirts:

At last but not least, the most important type of t-shirts that has gained its popularity is the printed t-shirts. Nowadays every other person can be seen wearing printed tees, this maybe becomes now all the t-shirts are coming in printed form. Be it Round neck, or v neck, or long sleeves or short sleeves, or drop cut or drop shoulder, etc, all are available in printed form. Tie-dye t-shirts are also a form of a printed t-shirt. Printed t-shirts are not just an upgrade to normal t-shirts, it’s a game-changer for your look too. These printed t-shirts can be paired with solid-colored bottoms.


Starting from how to choose a t-shirt and where to find them, we have provided you with whatever is required for you to find yourself a perfect t-shirt. Till now you have seen what a huge variety of tees are these, from which you can choose. So, go select what suits you, and upgrade your closet.

And, if you are one of those who love wearing t-shirts and one who never compromises with comfort, then here at chillme we have got you back. Do check our latest collection of tees and masks.

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