5 low price market places to buy clothes in India

5 places to buy low price clothes in India

Are you looking for the best, affordable, and low price shopping markets to fill your wardrobe? Well, you can thank us later. When you think about markets, I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind are the small markets on the streets, cheap clothes, large crowds, and haggling. 

Taking a break from shopping mall roofs and departmental stores, shopping under the open skies would make you feel more adventurous. Even if you hate crowds, I am sure you love the price of the clothes and the smell of the snacks. Street markets provide a great blend of everything an Indian home requires, and at a lesser cost than malls.

In truth, street shopping in India retains the country’s famous old charm and cultural ambiance. Shopping is something you do out of necessity as much as choice. In either instance, whether a guy, a woman, or a student, (s)he will always need some incredible negotiation abilities to get the greatest costs. Regardless of your budget, every Indian street market has something for you. 

We have got you a few markets that are best for shopping at a low price. Enjoy the ride through the busy markets. 



I am sure many people might have heard about this place. Sarojini Nagar market, one of New Delhi’s most well-known street markets, has simplified low price street shopping in India. The Sarojini Nagar Market (or SN, as it’s affectionately known by Delhiites) caters only to locals, providing them with the latest trends at unbeatable costs. Sarojini Nagar is the answer if you’re looking for a spot to go cheap shopping in India. To shop well here, you’ll need to be a master negotiator. 

What if I tell you that you can buy a fancy-looking one-piece for just 150 INR? You heard me right. This is the flea market you need to visit if you ever travel to Delhi. From crop tops to one piece and chokers to eyeliners, you will find everything here. Let me inform you that Sarojini is a haven for export rejects from high-end brands such as Zara, Forever21, and H&M.

which means you’ll discover the greatest clothing from these high-end brands at the lowest prices possible ONLY at Sarojini Nagar Market. Who doesn’t want a Zara Dress for Rs.300 in their closet? It’s time to flaunt some costly brands today! All you need to do is, brush up your bargaining skills and buy your favorites for half the price. 



This is one of the nicest venues in Mumbai. In Mumbai’s crowded streets, you’ll find the best selection of clothing, accessories, and mouth-watering street cuisine. A lot of students will be shopping for accessories here. Whether you’re new to town or visiting Mumbai for the first time, your trip isn’t complete unless you go street shopping. You can’t miss the greatest of what you’ll be able to buy – be it clothes, supplies, footwear, and the list will never end. Mumbai street shopping will surely be exciting since shopping in Mumbai has its unique charm.

This particular market’s popularity is due to the low price clothing. Several things are available across the market. Most things in the pocket were extremely light. The garments were good for everyday use. The school students considered it suitable for the pocket money to purchase these clothes. Prices can also be negotiated. At an inexpensive price, you will get the current fashion collection.



Goa is a major tourist attraction in India so many small business owners open up their stores in Goa. Goa is much more than beaches and parties. Shopping in Goa’s peaceful weather is every shopper’s fantasy. The Arpora Saturday Night Market allows visitors to shop while listening to acoustic live music in the background. This market is only open once a week, yet it is the most beautiful and all-inclusive Indian street bazaar. Low Price Homemade Indian handicrafts, leather products, gypsy boxes, traditional accessories and jewelry, and other Goan handicrafts may be found here, as well as great street cuisine. 

Arpora Saturday Night Market was once known as Ingo’s Night Market. It’s quite popular and at least five times the size of Mackies. The manner it was designed is what makes it attractive. The site rises to a hill-like slope, and the winding walk led me through the various stalls. There are several access and exit gates, so if you have a parked vehicle, know the number of your entry gate. The paths that resemble a labyrinth will lead you to the middle field. This is where the stage for live music is set up, with cocktail bars on either side. No portion of this market is not crowded, even if it is the least daunting.

This is the period to stay home and do your shopping, so I would like to add 2 affordable websites to buy clothes that will match your taste. 



amazon.in provides you with a variety of clothing options for a low price. From crop tops to off shoulders and Sarees to Kurta, you will have everything starting from just 300 INR. Amazon is available in 18 countries (US, Canada, Mexico & Brazil), Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey & UK), Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia) & Asia-Pacific (Japan, Singapore & Australia). 

We all know that Amazon has been offering some great deals and discounts on fashion items, and not long ago, Amazon unveiled the Prime Wardrobe, where you can try on these garments before deciding whether or not to buy them.

Amazon has conquered everything, from e-books to toilet paper rolls, and Jeff Bezos’s major priority is now fashion. Amazon has already established itself as the second-best place to buy trendy clothing and the second-largest clothing retailer. Their only competitor is Walmart, which is known for its extensive selection of fashion products and aggressive marketing initiatives.

It is not very extensive on Amazon because it has become a hotspot for selling cheap rip-off products with phony brand names. It’s not a good idea to leave money on the table on this site. Amazon is making significant inroads into the fashion business to establish itself. 



https://chillme.in/ has a versatile collection of graphic t-shirts that you will not find anywhere else. Chillme is a community of hip-hop and streetwear lovers on a mission to empower individuality. From v-neck t-shirts to polo, you will have everything here with a unique design. Most graphic t-shirts with large designs cost more than 1000 INR, but you may buy low price t-shirts starting at 299 INR here.


Flea markets are often crowded so I would advise you to stay within the group and ask people around if you got lost. There are many things to buy in different parts of India. Hope you will visit these places and buy yourself some fashionable clothes at low price. 

Allow your inner shopper to go wild as you go street shopping in India. India’s street shops Choose from the most stunning street stores and indulge in a hearty shopping therapy on your India vacation, returning home with glam products that don’t cost a dollar.


What are the best flea markets in Maharashtra?

Fergusson College Road in Pune and Fashion Street in Mumbai are the best flea markets you can visit. 

Is there any market like these in Puducherry?

Serenity Beach Bazaar in Pondicherry is famous for shopping for clothes, accessories, handicrafts, and many more things. 

What else can I buy from India?

Indian spices, which are recognized for their fragrant and savory meals, are some of the best Indian souvenirs to buy in India. Then there’s tea, which is very popular in India. Jewelry, fabric, blue pottery, Kutch embroidery, and Ayurvedic items are available.

What can I buy from Ooty?

When in Ooty, do not miss the Tibet Walk to quench your chocolate cravings. After all, what could be more lovely than a market teeming with chocolate shops? A visit to this market will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Which is the best market in Kolkata?

The New Market in Kolkata is the oldest Indian street market, with over 2,000 booths. New Market offers a wide range of things, from groceries and confectionery to clothing and accessories. New Market, despite its name, appears to be old, having been erected in 1874.

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