10 Thriller Bollywood Movies you should Watch

10 thriller Bollywood movies of all time

You’ve probably reached the end of our list of the finest Bollywood comedy films. Now it’s time to spoil yourself with these incredible suspense thrillers, which will have you on the edge of your seat with their twist endings.

Thriller Bollywood films generate an audience response; they solve a puzzle. While many of us adore thrillers from Hollywood, some of Bollywood’s best thriller films have you on your seats until the very end. Romance, theft, crime, and what couldn’t be the mystery! They demand attention from the beginning to the end, because every minute of detail adds up to reveal the suspense. As the story proceeds, we are increasingly engaged in the film’s plot and disagree with our realities. And somehow, a good thriller becomes for us an immersing experience. Check out the following ten films:

1. Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)

Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Directed by Rajiv Rai, it is a tale of love, passion, and revenge.

This film narrates the story of Jaisingh residing in India with his son, Sahil, who is estranged from his father. Things between father and son worsen when Jaisingh wants him to marry Sheetal, the woman he has picked to be his daughter-in-law. But Sahil is set on marrying another girl named Isha, and no amount of persuasion will change his mind. Finally, an argument between the two occurs, resulting in Jaisingh’s death. The police are summoned, and they arrest Sahil. He is tried in Indian courts, and he is convicted, but instead of the death penalty, he is sentenced to life in prison.

Gupt was one of the most popular thrillers of the 1990s. This film has some of the industry’s top actors. Paresh Rawal and Kajol, in particular. After many years, this film is regarded as one of the best Bollywood suspense films. 

2. Khamosh (1985)


There are strange murders that occur on the sets of a Bollywood film. Who is doing what, and who is behind all of these murders? Is it one of the crew members or someone unexpected?

This is the central plot of Khamosh, a superb suspense thriller directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The picture was initially rejected due to its unique premise, yet it went on to have a successful run at the box office.

3. Bees Saal Baad (1962)

Bees Saal Baad (1962)

Rated 7.1/10 in IMBD, Bees Saal Baad directed by Biren Nag is a suspense thriller.  

In Chandanghat, a wealthy Thakur rapes a countryside girl. After the ordeal, she commits suicide, and Thakur follows soon after. The people believe he was killed by the girl’s spirit. Thakur’s son and brother are assassinated as well. Kumar Vijay Singh, Thakur’s grandson, arrives twenty years later. Villagers urge him to avoid the ancestral home where his forefathers were murdered. But Vijay insists on staying and employs a detective.

This black-and-white classic film is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s well-known novella, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Bees Saal Baad is an intriguing story with a touch of Bollywood drama. 

4. Gumnam (1965)

Gumnam (1965)

Directed by Raja Nawate, this movie is based on Agatha Christie’s famous novel, And Then There Were None.

In a nightclub, seven people win a lucky draw for a vacation package. The plane they’re on hits a snag and has to make an emergency landing in the forest. The jet drops the bags of all the members, including the copilot, and returns to the wilderness, leaving everyone stranded. While attempting to find their way out of the bush, they hear a mystery female singing. The group follows the voice until they arrive at a mansion, where the butler greets them and says he has been waiting for them. He hands them a letter in which he informs them that they were all involved in a crime and that they will all be executed one by one.

 The picture was a box office success at the time. Gumnaam is a suspense and thriller film that is well worth seeing. 

5. CID (1956)


A superhit classic of the ’50s, this film starred Dev Anand as a C.I.D. an inspector who finds himself caught in a web of lies and deceit.

Shrivastav, a newspaper editor, is assassinated as he prepares to reveal the underworld connections of a wealthy and powerful individual. Inspector Shekhar of the C.I.D. is assigned to this case, and his investigation leads him to suspect Dharamdas and his men. But Dharamdas creates a web of falsehoods and deception, and Shekhar himself becomes a suspect, gets jailed, and loses his job, leaving Dharamdas and his minions to continue undaunted.

The tension, despite being exposed early in the film, manages to keep audiences captivated. A lot of credit must go to a young and very gorgeous Dev Anand, who effortlessly plays the part of a cool-headed honest inspector. He looks suave in those loose-fitting clothes and equally attractive in something more casual. Furthermore, the manner in which he smokes a cigarette in the picture is unlike anything seen nowadays.

6.   Kahaani (2012)

Kahaani (2012)

One of the best crime mysteries to ever have graced the silver screen, Kahaani recounts the tale of a pregnant woman who sets out to locate her missing husband.

As seven-month-pregnant Vidya Bagchi walks off the aircraft from London, Kolkata is abuzz with preparations for the annual Durga Puja holiday. Her first stop is at the local police station, where she will file a missing person’s report. Arnab, her spouse, arrived in India on a job assignment a few weeks ago. They talked on the phone every day for the first two weeks, and then his calls ceased without explanation. No one can recall Arnab no matter where Vidya goes. He is nowhere to be found at the guest house or at his office. Vidya, on the other hand, would not give up her search. She will find the perilous truth somewhere in Kolkata.

The film was a box office hit, and it established Vidya Balan as a legendary actress in Bollywood. What else can you expect from a film starring Vidya Balan and directed by Sujoy Ghosh? The film boasts one of Bollywood’s finest climaxes.

7. Drishyam (2015)

Drishyam (2015)

Ajay Devgn was at his best in his thriller. The sequence of real and imaginary things created by him kept us on the edge of our seats till the last scene.

Vijay Salgaonkar owns and operates a cable television network in a remote and hilly region in Goa. He has a wonderful family, including his wife Nandini and two daughters. Vijay, a fourth-grade dropout and orphan, has worked his way to success via sheer hard work and street smarts in order to provide for his family, who mean the world to him. A man of few means and needs, Vijay feels that life should be lived simply – his wife, while she loves him dearly, wishes for Vijay’s thrifty and miserly behavior to change and wishes for the best for her family.

If there is one thing Vijay cannot live without, it is his love of watching movies. His ‘filmy’ addiction is so strong that he doesn’t mind staying up all night at his job binge-watching TV movies! A teenage boy goes missing; he is the son of a headstrong and no-nonsense cop; IG Meera Deshmukh and the Salgaonkar family is the major suspect! Will a lowly and middle-class man be able to safeguard his family from the powerful’s oppression? The rest of the story follows the family as they weather the storm that occurs during the violent inquiry, culminating in an unexpected and shocking climax.

Ajay Devgn and Tabu’s stellar performances will keep you glued to your seat till the end.

8. NH10 (2015)

NH10 (2015)

Directed by Navdeep Singh and written by Sudip Sharma, this story revolves around a  couple on a road trip who encounters a sequence of occurrences involving a gangster, forcing them to flee for their lives.

Meera and Arjun are both professionals who live in Gurgaon. Meera is accosted by a group of unknown males as she goes out of a party late one night. Even though she escapes by the skin of her teeth, she is devastated. Arjun, partly to blame for not being present that night, seeks to make amends by treating Meera to a lavish desert vacation. They see a little girl being taken up by a gang of hoodlums while they stop for meals at a Highway Dhaba. Arjun decides to intervene, oblivious to the peril that awaits him.

This vengeance story, starring Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam, is a riveting thriller.

NH10 is based on various incidents that have occurred in the past on the stretch between Gurgaon and Haryana. Travelers are ambushed by road pirates in the film. It stars Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumar, Deepti Naval, and Ravi Jhankal.

9.   A Wednesday (2008)

A Wednesday (2008)

A man contacts the Mumbai police and informs them that he has planted five different bombs throughout the city, all of which are set to detonate at some point. In exchange, he wants four terrorists. Is he able to obtain them? Who is the mastermind behind it all? What is his motivation? Is there more to the story than meets the eye?

A retired cop recalls the most incredible case of his career, one that he never reported. Everything happens on a Wednesday. This is what you get when you combine two outstanding performers like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah. The film is well worth seeing and has achieved cult status. Based on the true tale of the Mumbai bombing, this is an amazing thriller film. You’ll get goosebumps reading about a nameless average man and his plan for vengeance.

10. Ugly (2013)

Ugly (2013)

Ugly is one of those crime thrillers that will stay with you for days. It’s dark, powerful, and mind-boggling. Ugly is one among the few hard-hitting suspense thrillers produced by Bollywood.

The movie shows the kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl who is out for the day with her father. Her parents are divorced, thus the investigation is taken over by her stepfather (a cop). Both her ex-husband and her present spouse have a grudge against the suicidal mother. While the inquiry progresses, the individuals are put in situations that expose their nasty aspects; the mind games between the two fathers, in particular, provide the procedural with its most riveting drama, as everyone else becomes greedy and ugly, unconcerned about the stolen girl.

Great acting + great storyline = a must-watch! 


Bollywood has charmed us with various narratives based on these themes, including whodunits, murder mysteries, and edge-of-your-seat suspense thrillers. We have seen an avalanche of legendary crime puzzles from the era of black-and-white films to the present day. These films will keep you engrossed till the very end, and you will be unable to tear your gaze away from them.

The nightly scenarios you will experience in these Bollywood horrors are nothing short of bone-chilling, from being forced to spend a rainy night in a possible serial killer to being left with a bomber you have to explode to protect your family.

I know that 10 movies are not enough when it comes to Bollywood thriller movies but these are my top 10 favorites. Movies like Manorama six feet under (2007), Talaash – The answer lies within (2012), Rahasya (2015) and many more have also been good thriller hit in the theatres. Enjoy these old and new thriller movies until you wait for some more.

 Now that you have relieved all these movies just by reading them, why not enjoy them with your parents, pets, or just by yourself. Grab a bowl of snacks and get ready to rewind some memories. Don’t forget to grab the blanket tight when you finally see that unexpected scene and chill with chillme.in clothing


Which is one of the best thriller movies released in 1999?

Kanun is one of the best movies of that time. This is one of Ram Gopal Verma’s best movies. Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpai see to it that you will never forget this movie.

Is there any crime thriller movie directed by Abbas Mustan?

Khiladi in 1992

What are some of the famous thriller movies from the late 90s?

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986), Sangharsh (1999) and Gupt (1997). 

Are there any thriller movies by Amitab Bachan?


Can you name a thriller movie by Sharuk Khan?


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