Summers, the season of gorgeous dresses, wonderful photographs and lovely food, this is what summer sounds like. The season when you can flaunt all the cute summer outfits and happy dresses you own and beat the heat with fashion.

The months of travelling, and going to the places you waited the whole year to visit and wear all those cute outfits, one-word summer. But don’t you think, when we travel we require some kind of wardrobe refresh.

 As summer is all about sweat and high temperatures, we will need light and breathable clothes. Having comfortable, yet stylish clothes and cute outfits are the ultimate aim of summer for women. The outfits for women that can give a chic look but are easy-breezy are the type of clothes that we girls need in summer.

So in simple words, what women need for summer wear must be chic and comfortable. 

And what is more comfortable than casual wear.

So if you are looking for a guide to help you refresh your wardrobe and have a wonderful set of summer clothes, then your search ends here. Here are the 10 best casual summer wear to help you slay the summer in fashion.

So, here are some cute outfit ideas for women that you can opt for.


women SHIRTS

 That was a long time ago when shirts were just to be worn as formals. Now shirts are a good option to go for if you want a casual look in your summer outfit… Shirts are such a versatile outfit that if you carry them properly, they will give you a new look every single time. Style it in different ways and you are good to go.

One you can tie a knot at the bottom of the shirt, or you can just go with all buttons open over a colour contrasted vest or crop top. Other than this you can just open a few buttons from the top and stretch it to the shoulder to get a chic look and cute summer outfits.

Every closet must have a shirt that can go anywhere. Just tie a knot at the bottom and you are ready. Other than that,  you can just un bottom it and wear it over a bikini as a layer. Do whatever you want. A white shirt will never disappoint you.


ladies TOPS

 The easiest way to have stylish and cute summer outfits is to find good tops and blouses. But as it sounds it’s not that easy, you need to find the right tops for you because not all tops and blouses are meant for summer wear.

Here’s what you can choose from:

Crop Tops

Simple yet the most stylish summer tops are the crop tops. Whether you have a flat belly or not, this is meant for you, and it is never out of fashion. These are extremely comfortable and effortless to carry. These are one of the best cute outfits for girls.

You can pair them with anything, starting off with skirts, palazzos, high waisted pants, dungarees and whatnot.

Off Shoulder 

These types of tops are also one of those who are never out of style. Be formal, casual or party, you can rely on off-shoulder tops. The cold shoulder is also one of its types and gives more comfort.

Just pair them with slim-fit denim, high heels and light earrings and go where you want.

Plain T-Shirts

Every girl has a set of plain solid coloured tees that are always on their to-do list. Every girl has once in their lifetime worn their father’s or brother’s or boyfriend’s tee and that’s why it’s every girl’s favourite because they are very versatile. These are some of those outfits for women which is never off-trend.

Pair them with pants, shorts whatever suits you and you can also go for a hat too.



 Want to feel cool and stylish at the same time, go for oversized clothes. As it’s already hot outside, it’s best that we wear something that’s loose and comfortable. This new trend of oversized clothes is perfect if you want to choose comfort and style at the same time. These are some of those cute outfits for girls that are becoming many girls’ favourites.

The easiest outfit to slip into is an oversized dress and you are ready to go. If you are in a hurry, just pair them with light accessories and a cute handbag, it’s that easy.

It gives you a cute summer look that will definitely keep you cool in this hot weather.


SHRUGS for women

 As the temperature rises, all we want is fewer clothes over our bodies, shrugs are a good option to opt for, as they are light and also protect our skin from all that heat. These are the easiest to carry. Just put them on and you are ready.

But as easy as it sounds to me it’s not that simple, you have to have the perfect idea about pairing the shrugs. If you are wearing any solid coloured clothes then go for something printed for a shrug. 

Layering is very important and shrugs are the best thing to layer your outfit with. They come in various shades, prints, textures, sizes etc, the only thing which is left is for you to pick what suits you.


DRESSES for women

Be it a shirt dress, t-shirt dress or maxi dress, all sums up to a single word, that’s comfort. Dresses are always a girl’s best friend. Just slide into it and step out, that is how much it takes. These are those summer outfits which are always in fashion.

Starting off with t-shirt dresses, if you are someone who likes to wear simple clothes yet want to look cool, then these t-shirt dresses are for you. Pair them with comfy footwear and plain accessories and you are done.

And if you are going with maxi dresses, if comfort is your style and you like it that way, then maxi dresses are totally your summer outfit. Just pair them with a few accessories, a pair of heels and contrasting shades for a cute summer outfit.


SHORTS for women

It’s summer and if don’t talk about shorts then it’s absolutely not done. Shorts are not just girls’ favourite but it’s also many men’s favourite to go item too.

Just as our upper body needs space to feel free and breathe in summer similarly our lower body too requires some space to breathe air. also, very not flaunt something that you own.

Here’s what you can choose from:

Denim Shorts

If you have some DIY skills then why not go and make your own denim shorts out of an old pair of denim that you have in your closet. Be your own customer and customize your product according to your convenience.

Pair these with crop tops or short tops or just go with an oversized tee on it. Add light accessories and high heels. 

Cotton Shorts

The most comfortable and breathable fibre is cotton, which makes it the favourite fibre to wear in summers. And when you find shorts in cotton fibre what can make you happier.

These come in both types, solid coloured and printed ones. So choose what you want and beat the heat with fashion.

Pair them with a short Kurti or any short top tucked in, wear flats on them and you are good to go.


JUMPSUITS for women

Commonly known as playsuits, these outfits can be extremely summer-friendly. You can wear short jumpsuits called rompers or can go with cotton-based and light denim jumpsuits if you are bored with the regular cotton jumpsuits. 

Just pair them with a sling bag and a pair of sneakers or ballet shoes and you are good to go. Jumpsuits can be styled in many ways, be it shorts, pants, off the shoulder and whatnot. Just choose what suits you.



Skirts are one of the classics that you can never say no to. Bring out the girl inside you and get yourself the shirt that you love.

There is a range of different types of skirts that you can choose from. Here are some of the types of skirts that you can go for.

Maxi Skirts

 One of the best summer wear items is maxi skirts. Extremely comfortable and airy.

Their availability in different prints and colours is what makes it the favourite item of many girls. 

Floral prints are the favourite of many girls.

You can easily pair them with any short top or off-shoulder top. Add a few accessories and a pair of heels and you are all set to slay.

Midi Skirt

 These skirts create a perfect balance in your attire. These are the skirts that are neither too short nor too long. They are just perfect. It strikes the best balance of both long and short skirts.

If you are already short in height then I would suggest that you choose the length of the skirt wisely, because these skirts make you look a bit shorter. So it’s very important to keep your height in mind before buying one of these.

These skirts go with any short or off-shoulder top. To enhance your look you can go with sneakers and if not heels are always a good option for skirts.

Plain Pleated Skirts

 For quite some time these skirts have been the choice of many women globally. Magenta, solid black and many other colours have been chosen as the favourites.

As they are themselves solid in colour they can go with anything and everything in your wardrobe. Just pick one and you are good to go.

Crop tops go best with pleated tops so if you have one pair them both together. Add a pair of sandals and you are ready for your casual yet chic look.


SUNGLASSES for women

It’s summer we are talking about, so protection from heat is as important as looking good. Protecting the sensitive areas of our bodies from the harsh rays of the sun is one of the important tasks for women. And what is the most sensitive part that should be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, eyes? And for their protection what better than sunglasses to go for.

So it’s time to ditch the old ones and get a new pair of sunglasses this summer. If you are one of those who love to try new things then you can for sure go for the patterned ones. Other than that you can also go for matrix sunglasses if you want something to experiment with.

Nowadays sunglasses are not just for covering half of your face with those big frames of your glasses. Ting little frames are what is in trend today. So go get your pair of sunglasses and beat the heat with fashion.


HATS for women

As we are talking about protecting ourselves from the heat, what is the best way to protect your skin from heat other than hats? It’s summer and hats are supposed to be the best friends of girls. It’s not just an accessory, it’s much more than that. They are lifesavers in the scorching days when the sun is denied to dim its shine.

Hats help us to keep ourselves cool the entire day. Also, they give this beach and vacay feeling even if you are not there. 

There is no styling tip for hats. You just wear them the way you like it and you are all set for summer.


From shopping to going to your favourite vacation destination, summer is the season when you can do whatever you cannot do in other seasons. So go and fulfil your shopping cart goals, buying all the cute summer outfits and slay the summer in you those chic and cute outfits.

Don’t let the heat stop you from being the best version of yourself. Do what you want and as you like, but yes don’t forget your sunscreen.!!

Other than these if you really like casual outfits then do check the collection at chillme.


What is the best pair with a white dress?

You can definitely go with gold and black accessories like gold earrings and neckwear and a black purse and sandals.

Will printed shorts look good with short tops?

Short Tops and printed shorts make a good pair. Always remember a pair printed with solid.

what can be other summer wear for women?

 Wraparounds are a good option other than these.

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