10 Best Bollywood Comedy Movies you Shouldn’t miss (UPDATED)

bollywood comedy movies

Comedy is a communal hug – a “jaadu ki jhappi,” as Raju Hirani’s Munnabhai would say – that Bollywood has produced in the best and worst of times. When Hindi cinema is at its most inspired, it can be a lot of fun – for both the audience and the filmmakers and crew behind the camera.

As we relive these 10 comedies, we can only wonder about how many of those classics were made with a pure stroke of inspiration (and a specific brain shift). However, comedies are seldom taken seriously for all their efforts and ingenuity.

We believe that humor is poor and cheap. I believe that we have been deprived of joy and happiness for a long time, so we believe that everything which might make people glad or pleasure is evil, tobacco or of inferior quality.

1.   Gol Maal (1979)

 Gol Maal (1979)

Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherji, this movie has been a hit. The plot goes like this.

Ramprasad is a fresh college graduate who gets a job with a picky guy named Bhavani Shankar, who feels that a man without a mustache is a man without a personality. Bhavani Shankar is also opposed to any form of recreation by his employees. When Ramprasad gets spotted by his boss during a hockey game, he is forced to manufacture a twin brother, the clean-shaven Laxman Prasad, in order to keep his job.

Things take a bizarre turn when Bhavani’s daughter falls in love with the clean-shaven Laxman Prasad and insists on marrying him, while Bhavani insists on marrying Ramprasad. Other great aspects of this comedy include a phony mother and a humorous pursuit.

Critics and audiences alike have raised Golmaal as one of Bollywood’s best comedy films. A job hunt, a false mustache, a game of hockey uncertainty never has been so humorous. The cacophony and shrieks of Utpal Dutt are still legendary.

2.   Munna Bhai (2003)

Munna Bhai (2003)

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and started by Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, and Gracy Singh, this movie has captured the hearts of thousands.

Gangsters in India are referred to as Bhai (brothers). Munna is one such Bhai who is feared by everyone in Mumbai, India’s largest metropolis. He dupes his village-dwelling parents into believing he is a doctor. He is taken aback when he learns that they are coming to verify for themselves. As a result, he converts a rooming house into a makeshift hospital, occupied by patients, individuals he beats up. His parents come and are relieved to see how nicely their kid has settled.

They want him to marry the daughter of a doctor. The marriage is planned, but before the wedding, the bride’s father discovers the truth about Munna and cancels the wedding. Munna’s humiliated parents realize the truth for themselves and, devastated, return home, leaving Munna with a great desire to punish the doctor – and force him to let his daughter marry him – even if it means getting admitted to medical school with false paperwork!!!

As one of the most iconic figures in recent times, Munna Bhai will come down. While the first edition of this hit series (Munna Bhai MBBS) was about a medical college by storm taking the underworld, Gandhigiri and its relevance to current society were discussed in the second edition (Lage Raho Munna Bhai).

3.   Khubsoorat (1980)

Khubsoorat (1980)

Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the story goes like this.

Nirmala Gupta governs her household and family in an autocratic and rigorous manner. While the majority of her family is resentful of this, they do heed her and follow her directions in order to be on her good side. Things begin to alter after her second son marries Anju. Manju, Anju’s sister, visits the Gupta family for a few days and is welcomed by all except Nirmala. Manju is Nirmala’s third son, and he plans to marry her. Manju, on the other hand, dislikes the way his mother orders everyone around and believes that some changes are needed in the Gupta household.

The film is regarded as one of the best rom-com ever made, and Rekha’s comic talent is remembered.

4.   Padosan (1968)

Padosan (1968)

Directed by Jyoti Swaroop and written by Rajendra Krishna, Padosan has been widely enjoyed by people.

Bhola (Sunil Dutt) is a simple-minded young guy who has taken a vow to follow the shashtras, which state that a man must marry when he is of the appropriate age. He meets charming Bindu (Saira Banu) and falls head over heels in love with her. Bindu happens to move in next door to his house. Bhola is overjoyed, but he soon becomes disheartened when he finds that Bindu has pledged her heart to Master Pillai.

Bhola’s friends Vidyapathi and others from an acting company assist in duping Bindu into falling in love with Bhola and thereby restoring his love life, but there are unforeseen twists and turns, and Bhola’s falsehoods are uncovered, forcing Bindu to return to her plans to marry Master Pillai.

This is certainly one of the best comedy movies ever.  Hit the proper chords, fun, and music. The chants between the characters of Sunil Dutt and Mehmood are legendary. The spirit of this comedy is Kishore Kumar.

5.  Bombay to Goa (1972)

Bombay to Goa (1972)

This movie is directed by S. Ramanathan starring Mehmood, Aruna Irani, and Amitabh Bachchan.

Mala, a college student, dreams of becoming a Bollywood movie actress; her aspirations become a reality when she is approached by Mr. Sharma and his assistant Mr. Verma, who promise to guide her to stardom. Unfortunately, when her parents discover this, they are opposed to it and decide to arrange her marriage so that she will be barred from exceeding her bounds, prompting her to seek assistance from Sharma, who advises her to flee with large quantities of money.

Greed overcomes the couple, ending in Sharma murdering Verma; Mala, who witnessed this, flees for her life, boarding a bus that runs between Bombay and Goa without realizing where her journey will finish. But her life is still in danger since Sharma hasn’t stopped looking for her.

6.  Delhi Belly (2011)

Delhi Belly (2011)

Directed by Abhinay Deo and Akshat Verma, is the story of struggling room-mates unknowingly becoming the prey of a gangster.

Sonia, who lives in Delhi, agrees to deliver a box for Vladimir Dragunsky and begs her untidy and indebted fiancé, Tashi Malhotra, to do it for her. Tashi, in turn, approaches one of his two roommates, Nitin. However, Nitin forgets due to an uncomfortable stomach disease known as ‘Delhi Belly,’ as well as his plan to blackmail their landlord, Manish, and asks the third roommate, Arup, to deliver the box. Somayajulu, a criminal who received the item, begins by violently questioning Vladimir and discovers that the box may be in the possession of the trio.

While Tashi must deal with his feelings for Journalist Menaka and face the fury of her husband, Rajiv, he must also decide whether or not he wants to marry Sonia. And the arrival of the vicious Somayajulu and his gang significantly jeopardizes any future ambitions Tashi and his companions may have.

7. Tere Bin Laden (2010)

Tere Bin Laden (2010)

Directed by Abhishek Sharma, this is the story of a reporter casting a fake Bin Laden to act in a video to threaten America so that he could go there.

Tere Bin Laden is a witty comedy about a young Pakistani news reporter yearning to immigrate to the United States in search of the American dream. His continuous attempts to immigrate are futile because his visa is constantly denied. But just when he thinks things can’t get much worse, he comes across an Osama Bin Laden impersonator. Ali then devises a plan to create a fake Osama video and sell it to news outlets as a breaking story! Unfortunately, the White House gets involved and sends an overzealous secret agent on Ali’s trail, which has terrible consequences.

8. Chup chup ke (2006) 

Chup chup ke (2006)

 Directed by Priyadarshan and starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Neha Dhupia, Rajpal Yadhav, and Paresh Rawal. The story goes like this. 

Jeetu, a young man, is in debt, and his father is receiving unwanted visits from moneylenders. Although his father chastises him on a regular basis for his failure to make headway on their obligations, his mother and fiancée Pooja believe he can complete his mission and live happily ever after; nonetheless, overwhelmed with heavy debt, Jeetu sees death as his only way out of the predicament (insurance money for the family). 

Unfortunately for him, jumping off a dock into a calm ocean does not kill him. He wakes up aboard a yacht with two intriguing characters, Gundya and his servant Bundya. Gundya and Bundya believe Jeetu owes them money for putting him in the hospital and saving his life. Jeetu, who is already deeply in debt, chooses to pretend to be deaf and deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf He is then mortgaged to a wealthy man, Prabhat Singh, in exchange for Gundya’s seized boat, and ends up working as a servant boy in a home in Kolkata. 

Here he meets Prabhart’s lovely daughter Meenakshi and her mute (not dumb or deaf) niece Shruti. Jeetu and Shruti fall in love after many twists and turns, and Mangal (Shruti’s brother and the genuine head of the family) is ready to marry them, but something from Jeetu’s past comes back to haunt him. 

This is a slow-moving dramatic comedy movie which I am sure that you will love to rewatch. 

9.   Vicky donor (2012)

Vicky donor (2012)

Directed by Shoojit Sircar and starring Ayushman Khurana and Yami Gautam, this movie has made many people laugh their lungs out.

Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Anu Kapoor), a highly qualified fertility expert, conducts a fertility clinic and sperm bank in Dariyaganj, New Delhi, ensuring high-quality and specialized sperm for the purpose. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases than victories to his name. A healthy, high-performing donor is urgently needed. Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana), a young, good-looking Punjabi kid from Lajpat Nagar, is the sole son of Dolly, a widow who runs a modest beauty salon from her house.

As chance would have it, a little brawl in the colony brings Dr. Chaddha and Vicky face to face, and Chaddha believes that Vicky may be the donor he has been waiting for. From here on, Chaddha’s days and nights are spent persuading Vicky to become a donor, until he ultimately caves. Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), a beautiful Bengali girl who works in a bank. But their idyllic world soon comes tumbling down due to Vicky’s past as a donor. Vicky Donor is a lighthearted perspective on the subject of sperm donation, with a brief emotional roller coaster journey.

Consider this to be one of the best comedic/coming-of-age films made in recent memory.

 10.   3 idiots (2009)

3 idiots (2009)

How can I miss out on this masterpiece directed by Rajkumar Hirani starring Amir Khan,  Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Boman Irani? This movie has been watched by people from different countries.

Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi seek to reunite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke aboard an Air India flight and excusing himself from his wife – trouserless – respectively. On the way, they run across another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a prosperous businessman, who reminds them of a bet they made 10 years ago. While reminiscing about their humorous exploits, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi’s Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, the trio races to find Rancho at his last known home, unaware of the mystery that has been kept from them all this time.

It’s a film that will make you smile. Every now and again, there are small spurts of hilarious scenes that the filmmaker has expertly woven into the plot. This movie has been an all-time favorite for many people. 3 idiots movie is one of the movies that have been watched the most during the lockdown worldwide.


I know that 10 are not enough when it comes to Bollywood comedy movies but these are my top 10 favorites. Movies like Hera Pheri (2000), Chupke chupke (1975), Andaz apna apna, Dhol, Dhamaal, and many more have also been comedy hits in the theatres. All these golden Bollywood movies should be appreciated for their wonderful acting and comedy. Let’s hope to see more movies like this in the future.

 Now that you have relieved all these movies just by reading them, why not enjoy them with your parents, pets, or just by yourself. Grab a bowl of snacks and get ready to rewind some memories and chill with chillme.in clothing.

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