Our Story

Chillme was born out of a need to bring unique perspectives through the medium of fashion and lifestyle.

Chillme is more than a brand, it is a movement.

We don’t whisper, we shout it out. We make ourselves heard, loud and clear.

Chillme is for those who take pride in showing their true colors and wearing their heart on their sleeves.

From apparel and accessories to content and, our purpose is to offer quality products, unique designs, and take India’s growing community for streetwear and casual fashion to greater heights.

We believe in the power of culture, and we are here to make an impact through our products. Our curated range of products reflects our passion for freedom - and we believe there’s a Chillme in all of us, waiting to be unleashed and uncovered.

Chillme is here to redefine chill - are you ready to ride?

Our Vision

We’re a community of hip-hop lovers on a mission to empower individuality. Through Chillme, we are the best of street culture products from India under one roof.

India’s streetwear scene is growing in leaps and bounds, and we want to take it to the next level through the means of fashion.

We admire people that have a personality and our vision is to bring together products that reflect the same belief.

We are here to make an impact and reimagine street fashion by bringing unique, cool, and quirky designs for lovers of music, fashion, and lifestyle.

Chillme wants to give the storytellers, the writers, the poets, the artists, the rappers, the dancer, and the creators of tomorrow a common place where they can explore, shop, and belong.

We are building the future - what about you?

Our Roots

It all started from a love of music and culture.

Both are powerful means of self-expression - and with Chillme, we are here to express our love for hip hop music and culture through a curated range of apparel, accessories, and merchandise.

We are inspired by people who express themselves with confidence and have the passion to follow their hearts. This inspired us to give birth to Chillme and create a community of hip hop heads, streetwear lovers, and fans of cool and urban fashion.

If you’re looking for products that help you express yourself with pride and passion - explore our range of apparel, accessories, and merchandise today. Get yourself that is as unique as you and take your love for street, hip hop, and lifestyle to the next level.

Quality products. Unique designs. That’s the foundation on what Chillme is built on. With us, you get the freshest styles in comfortable fabrics and long-lasting materials.

We are a team of doers and believers and our craft lies in making cool products and designing fun stuff. We are true to our roots of music, lifestyle, and street culture and for us, nothing less than perfect would do.

Chillme is fashion elevated. Get yours today.